Carrot Iris is a carrot iris hybrid demi-flora created by the artist Judy's older sister, Maddie (double d). He is modeled after the official CTC Comic character, Iris Black.

Appearance Edit

Carrot Iris is an orange carrot, equipped with a stem and Leaf on his head. He has very stubby legs and arms. When going to school, Carrot Iris wears a blue backpack. As a human, he looks very very strikingly similar to Iris Black.

Life Edit

Carrot Iris is a student at an unnamed school. It's interpreted that he is a punctual student, shown in the way that he feels stressed that he may be late to school, pictured in the April Fools comic update.

He attends school with Potato Lillium, who is the object of Carrot Iris' desires. Carrot Iris admires Potato Lillium with a strong passion, especially after an incident in which he is saved by a speeding car by Potato Lillium's strong, muscular, and juicy arms.